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Green Growing

Green Growing

Green Growing, DYI and more...

My Big Greenhouse Project

My Big Greenhouse Project

Well, it is a big project, not a big greenhouse. :)

So, the greenhouse is turning out fine, i am very happy about it. I will post some pictures soon, when it's done. I will have a workshop there so i can work on my smaller projects. Since the greenhouse is not so near my house i need to move all my stuff there and i will need to think of how to supply myself with power there. I use a lot of tools and the idea is to spend all the time i can in that greenhouse. I got some solar generators but in case of damage or too much clouds/ rain i wanted to get inverter generator so i can power all my sensitive electronics. I got one from here http://thebestgenerator.com/best-inverter-generator-reviews/ and i think i am happy with it.

I really hope everything goes according to plan. If it does i will be able to show you my amazing greenhouse in next few weeks, stay tuned...

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